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Die elektronische Zigarette oder E-Zigarette ähnelt normalen Zigaretten, enthält jedoch keinen Tabak, ist weniger schädlich und bis zu 50% billiger. Zertifizierte Qualität, einfache Bedienung.

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PCKT One Plus PCKT One Plus
65,00 € *
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Emili Emili
49,50 € *
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Curvy Vape Pen Curvy Vape Pen
19,50 € *
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PCKT One Plus SPRK Magnetische Kartusche PCKT One Plus SPRK Magnetische Kartusche
ab 9,50 € *
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PCKT One Plus Magnetadapter PCKT One Plus Magnetadapter
ab 9,50 € *
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PCKT One Plus Snap Tool PCKT One Plus Snap Tool
ab 8,50 € *
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Smiss Curvy Atomizer Smiss Curvy Atomizer
3,58 € * 5,50
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Azarius Academy

Electronic cigarettes | E-cigarette

The electronic cigarette or E-cigarette is similar to regular cigarettes in several ways, but doesn’t contain any tobacco, is less harmful to you and bystanders and up to 50% cheaper.

But what are electric cigarettes exactly? Basically, it’s a replacement for the traditional cigarette, looking remarkably close to the real thing. The E-cigarette consists of two parts: a battery and a cartridge. When you inhale, the electric vaporizer inside the battery is triggered and will start vaporizing the liquid inside the cartridge, releasing a cloud of vapour.

The smoke is just clean vapour, instead of combusted tobacco including harmful products such as tar and carbon monoxide. You can also use the e-cigarette to vape CBD-liquids.