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Muza Blend

MUZA Blends are 100% nicotine-free herbal rolling blends for mixing with cannabis. These terpene-infused rolling tobacco alternatives elevate the flavour of your favourite strain.

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Muza Neutral Blend Muza Neutral Blend
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Muza Sativa Blend Muza Sativa Blend
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Muza Indica Blend Muza Indica Blend
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Azarius Academy

MUZA Blends: The rolling tobacco alternative with the power of terpenes

Discover a new way to mix and smoke cannabis with the enhanced power of terpene-infused rolling blends.

MUZA is a herbal smoking blend alternative for mixing with cannabis. As more and more people realise that tobacco is not only a harmful and addictive substance, it also has a negative effect on the wonderful flavour of cannabis.

In other words: Stop rolling your joints with tobacco and start using MUZA Blends as a nicotine-free alternative to rolling tobacco!

Natural ingredients perfectly cut for the best rolling experience.

With raw natural ingredients including Marshmallow leaves (Althaea Officinalis), fruit extracts, and unique terpene formulations, MUZA created a mixing blend that makes rolling easier and gives you a smoother and more flavourful smoking experience than you will ever have with tobacco.

Because all the ingredients are cut in a fine consistency they hold their form better and are more easily moulded into the perfect shape for whatever style of joint you prefer.

The synergetic power of terpenes

Terpenes are hydrocarbon compounds found in most plants, including the cannabis plant and are responsible for their scents and flavours. But, terpenes also protect the plant against predators, pests, parasites, bacteria, moulds and fungi.

These same protective properties apply to us humans as well. Once the terpenes are introduced into our body, by way of smoking or vaping, they protect our body against inflammation, bacteria, microbes and help regulate multiple bodily functions.

Lastly, terpenes have also been shown to help the other compounds cannabis is famous for; cannabinoids. Terpenes assist the beneficial properties of cannabinoids by a synergetic function called the Entourage Effect. This essentially means that terpenes help the cannabinoids do their work faster and more efficiently.

This is exactly how MUZA Blends are able to enhance your cannabis experience. By adding carefully selected and naturally sourced terpene formulations to their loose herb smoking blends.

A blend for every occasion and mood

MUZA has created three perfectly balanced blends for every occasion, and elevates your favourite cannabis strain:

  • MUZA Neutral Blend is an all-day blend, ideal for during working hours, or to enjoy prolonged outdoor activities even more. It lets the flavour of cannabis speak for itself. Its subtle sweetness is similar to the flavour of Virginia tobacco.
  • MUZA Sativa Blend is ideally suited for daytime activities and creative projects. Its aroma is citrusy with woody notes, which are the same characteristics sativa-dominant strains are known for.
  • MUZA Indica Blend is specially made for the evenings when you want to be relaxed and looking for an indica cannabis experience. Its aroma is earthy and floral, reminiscent of authentic indica-dominant strains.

Try MUZA Blends now

With MUZA’s herbal smoking blends, you will have no reason to stick with rolling tobacco anymore. Now you can enjoy your joints without worrying about the harmful and addictive nature of tobacco and enhance the flavour of your favourite cannabis strain.

MUZA Blends: Roll with the best!