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Muza Neutral Blend

Muza Neutral Blend

MUZA-NL-GRN-10G Muza Blend

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A terpene-rich herbal blend as an alternative for rolling tobacco for the perfect joint.

Tired of being a slave to tobacco and it tainting the flavour of your favourite cannabis strains

Maybe you should ditch the tobacco and roll your next joint with MUZA: The next generation herbal smoking blend.

MUZA is a terpene-rich herbal alternative that is 100% nicotine-free and tobacco-free. It combines natural herbs with the synergetic power of terpenes. The result: Great joints with added flavour and enhanced interaction between terpenes and cannabinoids (y’all know about the Entourage Effect, right?)

Smooth mixing, rolling, and smoking all the way baby!

The MUZA blends - made from Marshmallow leaves, natural fruit extracts, and natural terpenes - are finely cut and carefully processed to an optimal humidity level of 12%. This guarantees easy mixing with cannabis and easy moulding into shape. Now everyone can roll a perfect joint that smokes as smooth as silk.

MUZA Neutral Blend’s ups the flavour

Muza Neutral Blend’s added terpene profile has a subtle sweetness that lets the flavour of cannabis speak for itself. A flavour that may remind some of the flavour of Virginia tobacco, without overpowering the natural flavour of cannabis.

Terpenes that brighten up your day

The MUZA Neutral Blend is a perfect rolling medium for those with an active lifestyle. Its terpene profile is ideally suited to help you get through long working hours or to enjoy prolonged outdoor activities with an extra pep in your step.

Here’s what MUZA Blends bring to the table:

  • Terpene-rich cannabis mixer
  • Nicotine-free and tobacco-free
  • Top-quality raw materials and Quality-controlled production
  • The thin-cut technique makes for easy mixing and rolling
  • Designed for optimal combustion and a smooth smoking experience
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