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Twisty V12 Plus glass blunt with adapter

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Twisty V12 Plus glass blunt with adapter 29,82 $

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Let's face it. We all love to smoke blunts, but rolling them (and smoking them without absolutely coughing your insides out) is a skill that hardly anyone masters.

For the rest of us, there's now the Twisty V12 Plus Glass Blunt, a flame-powered device that can best be described as a blunt without blunt wrap. The Twisty is super easy to load, and it looks just as cool as an actual blunt (if not cooler).

The Twisty glass blunt is easier on your lungs, thanks to the length of the device and the titanium coated spiral on the inside, that cools down the smoke. With the included adapter, you can easily connect the device to your favourite water piece for even cooler, smoother smoke.

Another function of the spiral is that when you twist it, it pushes the ash out, and pushes fresh "plant material" forward. Bottom line: we're so astounded by this one-of-a-kind device that we ourselves even struggle to categorize it.

How to use? 

  • Remove the spiral from the tube. Leave the rubber cap on.
  • Fill the tube with your favourite herb.
  • Twist the spiral back into the tube and take the rubber cap off. You are now ready to enjoy your 'freshly rolled blunt'!
  • Just heat up the herbs at the end of the glass blunt with your lighter (any lighter will do the job). Inhale through the mouthpiece.
  • Twist the screw; the spiral will push out the ash and push fresh herbs to the top. Wipe off the ash with the side of your lighter and you're ready for a new toke (if you're not too stoned already).
  • If you're done smoking, but haven't finished your herbs: don't worry! Just put the cap on the tube and save the rest for later. 

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