The Magical & Ritual Use of Aphrodisiacs

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Aphrodisiacs - the "foods of love" that increase sexual desire and potency - fall into two classifications: biochemical, which have an effect on sexual activity, and the more important group whose effects are psychophysiological in nature. A biochemist, physicist, and herbalist, Richard Alan Miller brings to this revised and updated edition comprehensive and detailed information on using both kinds of aphrodisiacs. Emphasizing the powerful role of the mind on the biochemistry of sexuality, he shows how intention and motivation can be focused to greatly augment the physical effects of these substances. To stimulate the imagination and enhance both the physical and psychological effects of aphrodisiacs, the author provides contemporary rituals drawn from sources as diverse as Tantric yoga and Western magic. Special sections on hormones, pharmaceuticals, foods, and scents give additional insight - both practical and magical - into the vast range and potential of sexual expression.

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