Entheogens and the future of religion

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Entheogens and the future of religion $ 18,07

Robert Forte, 183 p. × 1

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The sensible use of entheogens is one of the most promising paths to deep spiritual insight for many people. The book provides a well-articulated , thoughtful and rational basis for understanding the power of psychedelic biochemicals to stimulate visionary experience. These essays make a strong case for the use of this substances in future religious practise. The authors hope that the book will contribute to an honest reappraisal of the historic and modern significance of entheogens so that they may used accordingly in today's world by those seeking to cultivate their spiritual awareness.

With contributions of A. Hofmann, R. Gordon Wasson, T. McKenna, A. and A. Shulgin, R. Strassmann, E. Sterling and others. Edited by Robert Forte.


Titel Entheogens and the future of religion
Verlag Inner Traditions
Gebunden Taschenbuch
ISBN 9781594774386
Seiten 256
Autor(en) R. Forte
Sprache Englisch

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