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Sacred journeys: a tripguide for psychonauts

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Be prepared for your trip.

The use of psychedelic substances, empathogens and enthoegens by millions of people is a reality.

Those users and the people around them deserve adequate information about what these substances do, what is the best way to use them and what are realistic dangers.

This book provides basic information about the most common psychoactive substances, how they are used and what 'set and setting' is appropriate.

The focus is on deliberate use, preferably in what is called a ritual context, in order to benefit from the sacred qualities substances like LSD, magic mushrooms, XTC and ayahuasca.

For self-exploration, therapeutic sessions and mystical experiences these sacred drugs provide a view of the deeper layers of our psyche and a peek into the otherworld of alternate realities.

Exploring the psychedelic states of consciousness can be a life-changing experience, but it helps to be informed about what the aspiring psychonaut might encounter, also for those around, parents, helpers, the medical profession.

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