BlogCohen: 3 Tage Bedenkzeit vor Gebrauch der Pilze

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Cohen: 3 Tage Bedenkzeit vor Gebrauch der Pilze

14-09-2007 - 35 Kommentare

Cohen: 3 Tage Bedenkzeit vor Gebrauch der Pilze AMSTERDAM – Bürgermeister Job Cohen von Amsterdam will eine Bedenkzeit von 3 Tagen für Menschen, die das erste Mal in ihren Leben psychoaktive Pilze kaufen wollen. Innerhalb dieser Zeit kann der,oder die KäuferIn die Information verarbeiten und so mit mehr Vorwissen eine bewusstere Entscheidung über die Einnahme fällen.

Das schrieb der Bürgermeister gestern in einem Brief an den Minister für Volksgesundheit, Wohlbefinden und Sport Ab Klink. Ein Passystem soll die PilzgebraucherInnen vor unbesonnnen Impulskäufen abhalten. KäuferInnen, die das erste Mal in einen Smartshop kommen, erhalten nach Vorlage des Identitätsausweises einen Pass mit dem Datum darauf. Auch erhalten die ErstkäuferInnen mündliche Information und Folders zum Mitnehmen. 3 Tage nach Erhalt des Passes können die Pilze gekauft werden.

Cohen bringt seinen Vorschlag nach einigen ernstaften Unfällen im Zusammenhang mit den sogenannten “Magic Mushrooms”, bei denen auffallend viele junge ausländische TouristInnen betroffen waren. Der unbedachte Konsum der Pilze sei ein Problem in der Hauptstadt, meint der Bürgermeister. In seinem Brief plädiert er auch für eine Lösung des Problemes auf lokaler Ebene, anstelle eines landesweiten Verbotes, als es nun zu kommen droht..

Cohens folgt unmittelbar auf den Besuch bei der Landesweiten Vereinigung der Smartshops (VLOS), die das Passystem als kreative Lösung verstehen, für ein Problem das nur in Amsterdam besteht.’

Brief an Minister Klink über den Verkauf der Pilze (auf holländisch)


  • Psychonoot 14-09-2007 11:59:33

    That's definitly a great idea. Some are still thinking it seems !

  • crusher 14-09-2007 16:23:24

    I cant believe that finally some ppls in the gouvernment have a good idea about drugs. I thought it would be the end of shrooms, glad to see its probably not.

    Shrooms are soooo wonderful if you know the risks, you how to use em and so on.

    Just dont take to much, be in a good set and have a good setting thats it. If you follow those rules all will be fine.

    More infos about shrooms is all what is needed for buyers and maybe age.

  • jojo 14-09-2007 17:39:43


  • Sennahos 14-09-2007 19:21:54

    Der Herr is in Ordnung, coole Entscheidung. Er spricht tatsächlich die eigentliche Problematik an. *absolut zustimm*

  • not buying it 14-09-2007 19:32:45

    so now it gets registered who uses mushrooms by an official government institute, through the pass.

    undercover fascists at work and most of you will fall for it, like the posts above this shows..

    problem-reaction-solution ... and the solution is always more infringement of your privacy of course....

  • Nicko 14-09-2007 19:41:45

    Where did you read it was going to be registered ?

  • mike 14-09-2007 21:21:04

    it is written, that you have to show your identity-pass... so the gov is able to register it..

    i think maybe its a godd idea, but now im not able to drive to NL to buy shrooms... i must stay there 3 days!!!^^^^^^

  • wudosedom 16-09-2007 02:24:55

    i think it's a good idea, as long as the smartshops are able to defend the privacy of their customers.
    would be interesting how this applies to international shipping shops.

  • MrGone 16-09-2007 15:28:43

    @ not buying it
    There's no fascist organisation at work here. The plan that Cohen oppered is very reasonable. And WHAT would a government get from knowing who uses mushrooms anyway. NO, it is still a freedom of CHOICE that is helt high here. The sole purpose is to prevent unknowing tourists to get into a trip they did not dream to have, the three day waiting period is to get educated and to decide if you'll do it or not. It is thoughts like yours that create MORE fear, thus creating less solutions for combining the elements of governmental action and the freedom of the people. The solution is, from my standpoint, simple and is in no way fearfull.
    And I would like to add, it is much more fun growing mushrooms yourself. I think the dutch government will never be that close-minded to actually ban mushrooms, but for the sake of public health they should regulate them.

  • GreenFiddler 16-09-2007 17:01:03

    In germany a politician would never stand a chance with such a suggestion.
    Here it is all about to keep the people smoking cigarettes and drinking, the accepted drugs, from which a fine amount of taxes goes to the government.

    Mr. Cohen makes a very civil suggestion, it almost makes me wonder if did wake up in the
    right quantumreality this morning...

  • Malk 16-09-2007 19:15:21

    It sounds like a pretty good idea. Ironically, this is a problem caused by the prohibition in other countries. If people weren't in such a terrible hurry Amsterdam would see far less of these problems.

    Having tried mushrooms - and quite enjoyed them - it is still not something I do casually. In fact I've called off more than one trip because I didn't feel the time or mood was right.

    Trying to convey the message that this is really something that requires the right set and setting is the right way to go. Better we all take a step back from glossy and irresponsible advertising or else we may all see this wonderful drug join the other drugs in Prohibition.

  • Bill 16-09-2007 23:07:40

    Its a shame for the responsible people who will be visiting for a couple days.

  • Duke of Clacton 16-09-2007 23:58:31

    Ein guter Anfang,ich bin der Meinung das man den ausländischen Touristen gar nichts mehr im Laden verkaufen sollte,denn es sind meist Ausländer die meinen sich in den Niederlanden hemmungslos betäuben zu können und dann noch frech Auto fahren oder sich auf den Strassen lang machen,man sollte ihnen das ab 18 Jahre (gegen Vorlage und Prüfung des Passes) per Post nach Hause schicken!!Immer wieder diese Verbotsdiskusionen nur wegen ein paar Idioten,die scheisse bauen und die liberalen Niederländer immer wieder auf eine harte Probe stellen!!Die Niederlande ist kein riesiger Smart oder Coffeeshop,es gibt auch hier jede Menge Leute die das nicht haben wollen,und diese Idioten geben ihnen die Nahrung dafür!!!!!!

  • klink 17-09-2007 11:36:28

    Sehr sehr gute sache...! find das iO... feiner typ

  • christos 17-09-2007 12:02:13

    the stupidiest idea ever heard of..... i dont know if this law is for making the tourists stay a little bit more than a weekend in amsterdam ... and its not for fascistic reasons for sure ,,, its just a so stupid way of "solution" ,, just for them (the gov) to say that they made some actions about the mushrooms without affecting the market ( the money ) ... anyway i dont think the people that come in amsterdam will inform themselfs for three days about mushrooms instead of sitting around in coffeeshops and smoking weed & be stoned all day long or maybe buy some LSD from some rastaguy just to make a trip ,, thats all ,, A WEEKEND "DRUG" RACE IN AMSTERDAM ,, THATS THE TYPICAL TYPE OF WEEKEND TOURISTS FOR THIS CITY ... i have never visit amsterdam ,, and if i would ,, even for a week i would still not buy mushrooms ,, i enjoy them much more in my country ,, buying from azarius of course ,,, peacefully and quietly without any bastard's subliminal law over my head ... an experienced user doesnt care for that stupid things ,, he arrange his/her trip ... the unexperienced users , which among them are people that use mushrooms only for fun ,fun ,fun are not patient and dont want to be ...





  • Nicko 17-09-2007 13:41:21

    You just do not understand the idea I think. Obviously they do not think they will help people preparing their trips. The idea is just a simple way to avoid tourists (bad)tripping on mushrooms in the streets, because practically all the guys that come to Dam are here to take drugs, and many of them are sixteen year olds eating mushrooms as if they were just some kind of powerful weed or beer.
    If I lived in Dam I would be glad not to have kids tripping in the street every fucking day in the year. And I would not care about having to wait three days to eat shrooms.

  • Psilones 17-09-2007 13:59:58

    Das finde ich echt cool .
    Netter mann, ich bin auch für eine bessere aufklärung und kontrolle bevor meine geliebten moshrooms wegen menshen die sich nicht bewust sind was sie tuhn verboten werden.
    Auch ein mindestalter fon 21 jahren wäre echt wertvoll zum schutz meiner Pilze.

  • Psilones 17-09-2007 14:02:23

    Das finde ich echt cool .
    Netter mann, ich bin auch für eine bessere aufklärung und kontrolle bevor meine geliebten moshrooms wegen menshen die sich nicht bewust sind was sie tuhn verboten werden.
    Auch ein mindestalter fon 21 jahren wäre echt wertvoll zum schutz meiner Pilze.

  • pp 17-09-2007 19:09:15

    it must have something to do with the trinity of heavens... they want to connect with divinity by creating a 3 step mushroom gate that is the portal to another dimention!!!!
    ehm... or something completely different..

  • Clu 17-09-2007 21:24:00

    I think this is a good step to a better drug handling. Especially, magic mushroom could be dangerous.

    I hope that the government also realises that the ephedra ban isn't a solution as well.

    Maybe in the future everyone has an ID card only for drug use ...

  • lagogaratscha 18-09-2007 20:20:59

    Buht ihn aus man

  • sounds good 19-09-2007 15:05:39

    sounds good k..

    but what about if u wait htree days ..u dont want to read the things which can happen .. and just chill and trust in YOU ..that its going to be good ..

    or u read the infos actually..

    then after three days u totally frak out .. and then ?

    1 year preview ?

  • horex 24-09-2007 00:08:03

    scheiss hippies!scheiss auf die idee! das ist der anfang vom ende und ihr heists es auch noch gut!spasten

  • Krypto 24-09-2007 00:27:33

    I think this is a good idea but at the same time has its downside...I for instance live in Germany and often go for a weekend to visit Amsterdam...Sometimes even just for a day. My point here is once the "law" or whatever is in place...DO I AN EXPERIENCED USER HAVE TO WAIT TO GET MY FRUITS....??? That would be quite discouraging to me and infact I can imagine I would be quite pissed that I had to stay so long....

  • Paddy 24-09-2007 23:02:26

    aus eigener erfahrung verschiedener space tripps der selben pilze kann ich nur sagen der spass kann nach hinten losgehen wenn man die falsche stimmung mitbringt, also vorsich mindestalter ab 21 wär eine geniale lösung, leider nicht für alle !!!!

  • demullo 25-09-2007 17:54:04

    find ich klasse nämlich jeder der schon mal 5gramm mexikaniche gefress hat weis das das eine harte droge ist!!!gruß an alle

  • Neuro Politician 26-09-2007 16:05:46

    I thinks it's a good idea, especially for those who are prone to an impulse buy. Mushrooms are something to be repspected, rather than used as a chaser when for an unprepared drunk teen. I must admit though, 3 days is too long. 2 days would be long enough.

  • Nicko 26-09-2007 16:47:35

    No, the aim is that you should not be able to take shrooms when you spend a single week-end in Dam.

  • quetzacotl II. 27-09-2007 15:37:40

    good idea.
    but the cia is chasing all us shroom-users, so DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR PASSPORT NUMBER.
    how paranoid can a single spirit be?!
    i don't mind them knowing me eating shrooms.germany needs a mr cohen.
    can you guys tell me something about the changes in ordering by the web?
    prefer to grow my little flowers myself and would like to keep to this.
    shrooms are,as demullo told us, a hard drug.whereas i prefer to call "adult drug", and i think 5 gramms aren't as much as possible.but everybody after his own facon,right?
    it's not a party-drug, this is right.but back to the subject.i'd like to thank mr cohen for warding of the total prohibition of shrooms, so i can keep on visiting my own goodness together with some good friends or a girl.
    stay on psychedelic globetrotting, but do not forget, mum is waiting for her "hänschenklein" at home.
    see you.

  • quetzacotl II. 27-09-2007 15:50:45

    2 horex:
    not everyone is such a great and strong person as you would like to be.but this persons should have the opportunity to travel,,this kind of prevention isn't as bad as you tell us.
    what would you have prefered,a total prohibition?
    so fuck you,stupid one...

  • jay-Tea 28-09-2007 20:05:43


  • young-but-informed 30-09-2007 16:11:56

    I think it will help stop stupid teenagers hurting themselves or others because they didn't think to learn anything about mushies,
    however for people(like myself) who live in countries where mushies are illegal this means that when we want to pop over to amsterdam for a weekend to have some legal trips we'll have to wait 3 days despite the fact that we already know how to use mushies safely and responsibly.

  • honk 01-10-2007 11:28:25

    mindest alter 21 währe ok.
    aber das mit der bedenkzeit is schwachsinn...
    jeder erwachsene sollte sich vor dem kauf klar sein was er da macht.
    sonst könnten wir ja auch sagen der ist erst 12 und hat sich das GUT überlegt (3tage?), den verkaufen wir jetzt 10 g hawaiiana.
    da siet man mahl wieder fürd wie dumm wir (konsumenten&pilzliebhaber) gehalten werden.
    gruß aus dem besetzten bayern...

  • e 01-10-2007 20:14:37

    It is good to hear of a developing public policy regarding mushrooms which respects all parties; residents, visitors, the uninitiated as well as the experienced psychonauts. Open discussion, rather than outrightly banning or criminalizing mushrooms, is progress. When have you ever heard of a government promoting dissemination of useful, true information to someone wishing to have the psychedelic experience? I hope other governments can develop such an enlightened approach. In that day and age the 3 day wait may not be an issue. Till then the experienced should emphasize the usefulness of their knowledge to the first timer, so they don't get in over their head, make an ass of themselves and ruin the (party) progress society has been making in accepting and understanding entheogen use.

  • Bill 01-10-2007 20:52:53

    I hope someone who has used a mushroom pass will explain the procedure in detail a little better for us. For instance can we pick up a pass at any smartshop we pass and use it to purchase from any other place that sells? and do we get to keep the pass or do we hand it in and apply for another everytime we wish to purchase?

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