<![CDATA[Azarius News]]> http://azarius.de/news/ info@azarius.net <![CDATA[Weed wellness with 5 CBD seeds]]> http://azarius.de/news/837/Weed_wellness_with_5_CBD_seeds/ Being an Azarian, we obviously don’t need to tell you that not all strains of cannabis are the same. Each strain contains different proportions of chemical compounds, of which THC and CBD are the most common. THC is the compound that gets you high, while CBD has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect and regulates the effects of THC. Yet many cannabis growers neglect the CBD content, as they tend to focus on the THC content. Indeed, originally the customer is more interested in a psychoactive trip than in the health value of his doobie. However, in recent decades there has been more focus on the medicinal effects of marijuana, and thus the CBD content in different strains. What is also interesting: users report a more 'clear' high when using cannabis which has a high THC content as well as a high CBD content.

So if you’re looking for weed that is not so much about tripping, but more about soothing, relaxing and healing, then CBD-rich marijuana is for you! We are happy to put our favourite CBD seeds in the spotlight.

Azarius hand-picked top five

1. CBD Critical Cure (Barney's Farm)
Critical Cure is a fast growing plant that grows giant flower buds (support is required) with high CBD levels. Because of the relatively low THC content, the weed is relaxing without making you feel heavy or stoned. The taste is earthy and slightly sweet.

2. CBD Mango Haze (CBD Crew)
There’s no accounting for taste? That may be so, but still we recommend Mango Haze as one of the best tasting medicines ever. This fine weed tastes spicy and fruity, like mango, pineapple and pepper. The CBD - THC ratio varies between 1: 1 and 2: 1.

3. Super Silver Haze CBD (Greenhouse)
This beautiful plant is the love child of the famous Super Silver Haze and a CBD-rich partner. The high THC and CBD content produces an intense physical and mental stimulation, but without entering a cosmic adventure. This strain is also ideal for making medicinal cannabis oil.

4. CBD Skunk Haze (Dutch Passion)
Purchase this balanced variant for a pleasant and gradual high. When used you'll be relaxed but not blasted, thanks to the subtle balance of 5 percent THC and 5 percent CBD. Also enjoyable is its taste of cedar, citrus, pine and mint.

5. Shark Shock CBD (Dinafem)
Looking for a CBD champion that’s easy to grow? You’ll magically transform these seeds into a stocky strong fellow full of compact buds covered in resin. Quality harvest guaranteed. Usage results in deep physical relaxation.

Author: Sara de Waal

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<![CDATA[Dutch House of Representatives approves the regulation of cannabis]]> http://azarius.de/news/836/Dutch_House_of_Representatives_approves_the_regulation_of_cannabis/ On 21 February the Dutch House of Representatives approved a so-called “weed law” with a 77-72 majority. This means that in the future the growing of cannabis can be regulated by the government. Good news, although the Senate still has to approve the law and there are serious doubts if this will happen. Even so, this is a historical step in the right direction.

End of a typical Dutch invention

The proposal should end a typical Dutch situation called “gedoogbeleid”. The past 40 years coffee shops were able to sell cannabis even though it was illegal for them to purchase or grow it. In a new situation the government will supervise the production of cannabis. Coffee shops will then be able to buy legal cannabis from controlled growers.

Classic benefits

D66, the liberal party which proposed the law, envisions a number of classic benefits. Criminals will lose their share of the cannabis industry. It should also ensure a steady flow of tax as both coffee shops and growers will be taxed. Another advantage concerns public health. With governmental control, standards and quality control can be applied so users will know exactly what they consume.


The Dutch elections in March should give a better picture on how this law will implemented. But the feeling in The Netherlands is that there can be no way back.

Author: Joris

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<![CDATA[Dutch elections 2017 and drugs (part II)]]> http://azarius.de/news/835/Dutch_elections_2017_and_drugs_part_II/ Mon, 20 Feb 2017 12:00:00 +0100 http://azarius.de/news/835/Dutch_elections_2017_and_drugs_part_II/ <![CDATA[Neue unglaubliche Deals im Azarius Outlet]]> http://azarius.de/news/834/Neue_unglaubliche_Deals_im_Azarius_Outlet/ Liebe Azarianer! Von jetzt an gibt es noch bessere Deals bei Azarius. Wir wollen euch den offiziellen Azarius Outlet pr?sentieren, in dem es erm?ssigte Produkte zu sehr scharfen Preisen gibt. Manchmal m?ssen wir einfach ausr?umen, um Platz zu machen f?r neue spannende Smartprodukte, die neuesten Vaporizer, Headshop-Ausr?stung und anderes cooles Zeugs.

Also, wirf einen schnellen Blick auf unser Angebot und finde heraus, was bald ein Sammlerst?ck sein wird. Und vergiss nicht, dass auch die Samensaison in ein paar Monaten beginnt. Vielleicht solltest Du einige zus?tzliche Cannabissamen zu einem exzellenten Preis erstehen!

Der Azarius Outlet ist nur einen Klick entfernt.

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<![CDATA[5 Valentine's Day Gifts for Any Stoner Sweetie]]> http://azarius.de/news/833/5_Valentines_Day_Gifts_for_Any_Stoner_Sweetie/ That’s it, February’s here! The end of that New Year vibe and the start of flourishing affections. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, plenty of sweethearts are looking for that perfect gift. Let’s first admit, Valentine’s shopping is a pain for everyone. If your partner happens to enjoy getting high, what gift would make that stoner sweetie swoon? What displays of affection would ultimately say: “Would doobie my Valentine?” Here are five Valentine’s Day gifts for that favourite someone:

Blowdom condoms

1. Blowdom Cannabis Condoms

Let’s start off with a gag gift. What would Valentine’s be without a gag gift? If silliness and laughter is the way to their heart, why not experiment or play around with the world’s first cannabis-inspired condom? If you’re feeling a bit more cheeky than cheesy this year, this simple gift would play its part. It’s definitely not the most romantic, but hey, it’s safe!

hemp soap

2. Hemp Soap

Hemp soap is an ideal gift for lovers who like to keep themselves clean. Known as a source of essential fatty acids, hemp soap can help moisturise uncomfortable, dry skin into the silky smooth texture we all love to touch. Not only can it heat up an already steamy shower, it can also deliver effective sensitive cleansing for dry skin. But also think about it: how much slippery fun do you think two bodies can have?

Love Pacl

3. Love Pack

If you’re feeling more promiscuous this Valentine’s day, Azarius has put together a Love Pack filled with items that would boost the libido of you and your partner. Not only does it include the Spanish Fly, it’s also got a variety of herbal wonders that ensure your genitals have the time of their life. Of course as advocates of safe sex, two condoms are also included in the pack. Each of these items was collected to enhance sexual pleasure and performance. What else are you waiting for?

Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs

4. The Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs by Christian Rätsch and Claudia Müller-Ebeling

For stoner sweeties who wouldn’t be without a book on a rainy day, the Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs reveals the remedies of the love goddess. It is the most comprehensive guide to the use, preparation, and dosage of over 400 erotically stimulating substances. It has a rich collection of over 800 photographs that would stimulate any high and interested mind. Let your loved one sit back, relax and scroll through the pages and who knows, an interesting dinner might be in store.

5. Essentials Care Package

If you still can’t decide on what to get your Valentine, you at least know one thing to be true. Your stoner sweetie loves to get high! An essentials care package is a collection of things that every marijuana enthusiast is in constant need of: lighters, rolling papers, tips, a grinder, and of course, their favourite snakity-snacks. All of these essentials and more are available on the Azarius online smartshop. All you’ve got to do is pick some out. Enjoy!

Author: Sarah Picolet

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<![CDATA[Dutch elections 2017 and drugs]]> http://azarius.de/news/832/Dutch_elections_2017_and_drugs/ Thu, 09 Feb 2017 00:00:00 +0100 http://azarius.de/news/832/Dutch_elections_2017_and_drugs/ <![CDATA[Medical effects of psychedelics: what do we know?]]> http://azarius.de/news/831/Medical_effects_of_psychedelics__what_do_we_know/ LSD can cure cluster headaches, DMT helps against addiction and psilocybin alleviates depression and end-of-life anxiety in cancer patients. These are just some results of recent scientific studies into the medical potential of psychedelics.

Psychedelic research that started in the 50s and 60s abruptly ended with the War on Drugs. Only the last couple of years it became object of research again. Media is full of praise and even speaks of a ‘psychedelic renaissance’. But what do we really know, so far? Can we pick up our mushrooms from the pharmacy anywhere in the near future?

Journalist German Lopez studied more than fifty scientific papers on the medical effects of three classic psychedelics: LSD, DMT and psilocybin. These were his conclusions:

1. Results are promising, but preliminary.

Studies are small and often there’s no control group or placebo (the latter being quite complicated to realise in psychedelic research). At this stage it’s not possible yet to draw definitive conclusions or generalise found results to bigger populations.

2. Because it’s still very difficult to conduct research on psychedelics.

Since the substances were declared illegal, governments stopped funding this kind of research. Pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested either: most psychedelics are already known and therefore not patentable. Current research projects are all funded by private donations, collected by non-profit organisations like MAPS, the Beckly Foundation and the Heffter Research Institute. Because drugs are still illegal, these projects have to deal with strict regulations. All regulatory hurdles make the studies time-consuming and therefore costly.

3. Up till now beneficial effects were mainly found for depression, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and end-of-life anxiety.

Such problems are difficult to treat with conventional methods: the positive effects of psychedelics – and especially the percentages of patients aided – are therefore extra striking.

It’s even more exceptional that psychedelics already show intense effects after a single dose treatment. Whereas conventional (psychiatric) medications usually require long-term regular intake to sort effect.

How long the effects last is unknown. Often results are still visible in a follow-up after 6 or 9 months (in one study even after 34 years!), but not always. Whether psychedelics cure other ailments as well is not studied yet, but it seems likely. Several studies show that psychedelics have a beneficial effect on ‘healthy’ humans as well. They get a more open personality, are more satisfied with their lives and feel better emotionally.

4. Psychedelics seem to work by evoking a deep mystical experience.

This gives people a new perspective on their lives, which often leads to changes in behaviour. Several researchers stress the correlation between the depth of the experience and the demonstrable effect of the treatment.

5. The underlying (biological) mechanism is still unknown.

Researchers aren’t satisfied with an explanation on the spiritual plane and eagerly search for a biological mechanism that may account for this. A recent study mapped brain activity under influence of LSD: more connectivity between different parts of the brain was observed. It thus might be possible that the psychedelic experience ‘shakes up the brain a bit’ and thereby gives the person new perspectives. Other scientists point at the mediating role of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine that regulate mood. Lopez stresses the fact that in a short amount of time the psychedelic experience brings about a meaningful change in the person as a whole.

6. Risks seem limited.

Up till now no incidents worth mentioning happened while treating patients with psychedelics. The article mentions two risks: people may do dangerous things (like jumping out of a window) under the influence of psychedelics and people prone to psychoses should not take psychedelics at all. These risks are prevented by a strict screening, safe environment and professional guidance. Most researchers want to limit the use of psychedelics to a strictly regulated clinical setting.

Tripping on medical prescription?

It may take a while before we can get psychedelics on medical prescription, but given the current trends it’s not unthinkable. Whether this is desirable is something else. As commonly known, the psychedelic experience is strongly dependent on the setting in which it takes place. It would be a shame if this would be confined to a doctor’s clinic.

Read the whole article here.
Read more: The Trip Treatment, a long-read from Michael Pollan in The New Yorker. The picture is borrowed from the original article.

Author: Judith

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<![CDATA[“In the end, ayahuasca is always a great teacher.”]]> http://azarius.de/news/830/In_the_end_ayahuasca_is_always_a_great_teacher/ In his books on ayahuasca Arno Adelaars is very close to a scientific approach, but he enjoys being in the centre of the Amazon rainforest and experiencing it himself just as much. Azarius interviewed him in the Amsterdam Hortus Botanicus greenhouse about his new book and the huge demand for ceremonies. ‘A society in which kids believe milk comes only from a carton, needs wisdom from the jungle.’

When Arno first drank the South American beverage ayahuasca over 20 years ago, he knew right away: ‘this is for me’. After countless sessions where he, in his own words, faced all his demons, a Columbian shaman inaugurated him in the ayahuasca tradition.

It’s not sure whether or not he can call himself a shaman, but with his long grey hair and friendly voice he does strike you as one. During the interview, he regularly points out a special tropical plant to tell a historical anecdote or botanical story.

What does ayahuasca mean for shamanism?

I know a shaman who says: ayahuasca is the umbilical cord of the universe. Until you’re born, you’re nourished by your mother, but it’s actually the primeval mother, because it’s all connected to the beginning. If you cut the cord at birth, you’re temporarily without nourishment. By drinking ayahuasca, you reconnect with the original source. There are endless variations of this story, but in the end, ayahuasca is always a great teacher.

Ten years after your German book ‘Ayahuasca – Rituale, Zaubertränke und visionäre Kunst aus Amazonien’ there’s finally a revised English version. What has changed in the meanwhile?

Ayahuasca has quickly become a global phenomenon. It’s used all over the world for therapeutic purposes or personal development. You can participate in ceremonies in South America but also less obvious places such as Nepal en Taiwan.

Is this a good or bad development?

Because the demand is high, so is the supply. That’s not always a good thing. In Iquitos, the centre of Ayahuasca tourism in Peru (an hour away from Lima by plane and you’re in the middle of the jungle) there are about 150 lodges. On the internet you’ll find the most amazing pictures of older men and women of the local tribes that guide you in your ayahuasca ceremony. In reality their American staff – psychotherapists and yoga teachers who often don’t even speak Spanish – won’t let them talk to participants. And the Shamans believe the tourists have no interest in their stories; they just want to buy a rug or ornament. And that’s the exchange between two cultures. I think that’s tragic.

Is your book aimed at spreading knowledge on how it’s done properly?

There are different ways within ayahuasca shamanism, linked to certain people or areas of the Amazon forest. Poor people that can’t afford medical care go to the shaman. That’s why there’s an unlikely concentration of shamans, including ayahuasca ceremonies. It was important to me to document that enormous variety. Even within one culture, one shaman can have very different techniques compared to the other.

For example, in Peru many shamans are hostile to each other. Most protection during ceremonies is aimed towards other shamans. There’s heavy competition; it’s really a misconception to think that shamans are super pacifists.

What’s the most well-known shamanistic style?

That style is called ‘vegetalismo’ and originates from the area near Iquitos. It’s the style of the mestizos. These are Indians that no longer belong to a particular people. They’ve reinvented their cultural identity.

How does the shamanistic use differ from the way the Santo Daime church uses it?

Santo Daime has given a modern twist to the shamanistic use. The Santo Daime founder had a vision in which the goddess of the forest told him how it should be done. Personally, I think he had a massively inflated ego.

I was under the impression that your ego shrinks through ayahuasca?

For some people. For others, the ego becomes enormous. Albert Hofmann once said: psychedelics give you the means to hear God. If God was a transmission, you suddenly have a radio to listen to him. Yes, you’re a child of God, but once you start talking like you’re the child of God, you’re all wrong. There is static on your radio.

Is that a danger of ayahuasca? To get such weird ideas?

This applies to all psychedelics, but especially to ayahuasca. That’s why proper guidance is very important. People regularly return from Peru damaged by improper guidance.

What is wrong guidance?

Women that are raped during the ceremony, by the shaman or his assistant. But it’s also possible to have energy stolen. The blame usually lies with the ayahuasca tourists themselves. They take a fat wallet to a country where half the population lives below the poverty threshold, to ask what they should do with their lives. This is asking for trouble. Shamans are often described as beings transcending humanity, some sort of demi gods, but actually they’re just people. The same thing happened in the 70s and 80s with gurus in India.

What is proper guidance?

One where the most important part is safety and a positive impact on all participants.

How do you view the future of ayahuasca?

I would compare it to magic mushrooms. Barely anyone knows how the Mazatecs did it. Knowledge of its original use has been lost. Instead a new way of using it has emerged, fitted to western needs, from recreational to therapeutic use. The same thing could happen with ayahuasca.

Thu, 02 Feb 2017 00:00:00 +0100 http://azarius.de/news/830/In_the_end_ayahuasca_is_always_a_great_teacher/
<![CDATA[Medzinischer Cannabis Social Club erobert die Niederlande]]> http://azarius.de/news/829/Medzinischer_Cannabis_Social_Club_erobert_die_Niederlande/ Suver Nuver, ein Medical Cannabis Social Club aus den Niederlanden, w?chst in Hochgeschwindigkeit. Der Verein wird im ersten Halbjahr auch Lokale in Amsterdam und Leiden er?ffnen. Mitglieder k?nnen eine Reihe von Cannabis-Medikationen auf Spendenbasis bestellen. Die Medizin wird per Post zugestellt. Der Club selbst bietet ausschliesslich Cannabisextrakte, wie ?le, Konzentrate, Salben und Tinkturen an. Pflanzenmaterial oder Buds sind nicht erh?ltlich.

Cannabis Social Clubs

Die Idee der Social Clubs stammt aus dem Spanien der 90er Jahre. Die Clubs waren nicht kommerziell und nur Mitgliedern zug?nglich. Diese geben dem Club eine schriftliche Erlaubnis, ihre Pflanzen zu kultivieren ? so viel wie jede Person gesetzlich erlaubt ist zu besitzen (5 Pflanzen in den Niederlanden).

Rinus Beintema

Im Jahr 2014 wurde in Amsterdam ?Tree of Life? mit diesen Grunds?tzen gegr?ndet. Suver Nuver unterscheidet sich von gew?hnlichen Social Clubs, denn im Mittelpunkt steht die medizinische Anwendung von Cannabis. Sie wollen nicht die Coffeshops ersetzen, sondern sehen sich als Erg?nzung. Ausserdem ist die schriftliche Erlaubnis, Pflanzen zu kultivieren, nicht verbindlich.


Der Initiator Rinus Beintema ?ffnete die erste Filiale im Oktober 2015 in Leeuwarden. Bald folgten Groningen und Zwolle. Zusammen z?hlen sie mehr als 3500 Mitglieder. In den letzten Monaten wuchs die Anzahl der Mitglieder mit 500 pro Monat. Das beschleunigte wahrscheinlich auch die Expansion von Suver Nuver in den Westen der Niederlande. Die Clublokale selbst fungieren einzig als Orte zum Treffen und Austauschen von Informationen unter Mitgliedern. Es werden keine Cannabisprodukte ausgetauscht.


Cannabis?l hilft vielen Patienten mit einer Vielzahl Krankheiten, wie Krebs, MS, Morbus Crohn und Rheumatismus. Neben Menschen zu helfen, hofft Rinus Beintema auch, dass seine Initiative der Diskussion ?ber die Legalisierung von Cannabis einen neuen Impuls geben kann.

Medizinisches Cannabis kann legal nur unter strikten Bedingungen erworben werden und ist mit hohen Kosten verbunden. Rinus Beintema hofft, dass seine Unternehmungen zu einem Gerichtsprozess f?hren werden, bei dem die gesetzliche Regulierung von Cannabis neu ?berdacht werden w?rden. Jedoch hat das Justizministerium bis jetzt noch nicht reagiert. Die Gemeinden jedoch haben bereits reagiert: Sie geben keine offizielle Erlaubnis, gehen jedoch auf Gespr?che ein.


Um Cannabisextraktionen herzustellen verwendet Suver Nuver haupts?chlich Pflanzenmaterial, das sie von sympathisierenden Z?chtern erhalten. So k?nnen die Medizinen zu einem sehr geringen Preis hergestellt werden. Jetzt, da die Organisation immer gr?sser wird, haben sie begonnen ihre eigenen Pflanzen zu z?chten.

Quellen/Weitere Informationen:

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<![CDATA[Hast Du aufgehört zu rauchen? Sechs hilfreiche Vaporizer für dich!]]> http://azarius.de/news/828/Hast_Du_aufgeh_rt_zu_rauchen__Sechs_hilfreiche_Vaporizer_f_r_dich/ Das neue Jahr hat gerade erst begonnen, für viele der richtige Zeitpunkt, um wieder einmal mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören. Wie oft hast Du es bereits versucht? Wirst Du jedes Mal rückfällig weil Du einen Zug von einem Joint nimmst und dann wieder süchtig nach Tabak wirst? Vielleicht ist es Zeit sich einen Vaporizer zu beschaffen.

Ein Vaporizer heizt Cannabis soweit auf, dass das THC verdampft wird. Man inhaliert keinen Rauch sondern puren Dampf, ohne schädliche Substanzen.

Sechs Vaporizer Modelle

Für alle die Cannabis in seiner reinsten Form geniessen wollen hat Azarius sechs wunderschöne Vaporizer ausgewählt, die alle deine persönlichen Wünsche erfüllen können.

Der Boundless CFC ist eines unserer neuesten Produkte. Er ist das perfekte Einstiegsmodell zu einem scharfen Preis. Wenn Du eine Schachtel Zigaretten pro Tag rauchst, kannst Du dir dieses Gerät bereits zwei Wochen nach dem Aufhören leisten, dadurch wird es noch attraktiver das Rauchen sein zu lassen. Der Boundless CFC hat eine Keramik-Kammer, die einen angenehmen, neutralen Geschmack garantiert. Dieser kleine Vaporizer ist einfach mitzunehmen und zu bedienen.

Der Storm ist ein Pen-Vaporizer, jedoch eine etwas grössere Variante. Er produziert grossartigen Dampf mit einem merkbar netten und sachten Geschmack. Die Batterie reicht für zumindest 100 Züge aus. Der Storm ist dank einer separaten Kammer fähig auch Haschisch zu verdampfen. Mit einer weiteren Kammer kann man auch Öle und Wachse verdampfen. Zusammengefasst kann man sagen, dass der Storm relativ vielseitig ist.

Die Magic Flight Launch Box hat ein wirklich attraktives Auftreten. Das Gehäuse besteht nur aus Holz und Metall. Mit Ausnahme des Deckels ist dieser Apparat frei von Plastik.

Glaubst Du immer noch, dass ein Vaporizer nichts für dich ist? Vielleicht weil Du glaubst zu stoned zu werden von dem schweren Dampf? Auch dieses Problem wurde jetzt gelöst. Ein Zug der Magic Flight Launch Box gibt genauso viel THC an deine Lungen frei wie ein Zug eines Joints. Für diesen Vaporizer kann man ausserdem einen speziellen Behälter kaufen, mit dem auch Haschisch verdampfen werden kann.

Sechs tragbare Vaporizer

Der Mighty ist ein Gottesgeschenk, wenn man so high wie möglich werden will. Dieser Vaporizer ist ein richtiges Kraftwerk. Die Kammer, in die man das Kraut gibt, ist riesig und muss deshalb nur selten gefüllt werden. Die Batterie ist vielleicht etwas schwer, macht aber lange Sitzungen möglich. Ausserdem kann die Temperatur zwischen 40°C und 210°C eingestellt werden. Klarerweise ist dieses Modell auch die absolute Spitze unter den tragbaren Vaporizern.

Der WISPR funktioniert mit Butangas. Das ist natürlich unglaublich praktisch wenn Du deinen Vaporizer auf ein Festival mitnehmen willst, bei dem es keinen Strom gibt. Aufhören weil die Batterie leer ist gibt es nicht mehr mit dem WISPR. Ausserdem ist dieser Vaporizer wirklich kräftig und hat ein sanftes Aroma. Das Gitter-Design schützt den WISPR vor dem Überhitzen und man kann ihn leicht abstellen.

Der Puffit 2 sticht heraus mit seiner Diskretheit. Er sieht auf den ersten Blick aus wie ein Inhalator, aber das trügt. Kannst Du dir vorstellen im Zug, im Wartezimmer oder in einem Restaurant zu verdampfen? Mit dem Puffit kann man wo man will verdampfen ohne Ärgernis zu erregen. Er passt einfach in die Hosentasche und seine kräftige Batterie garantiert, das man lange unterwegs sein kann.

Mehr Vaporizer Modelle

Diese sechs Modelle stellen nur eine kleine Auswahl unseres Angebots dar. Willst Du wissen was wir noch so alles anbieten? Dann klicke hier. Order lies mehr über Vaporizer in unserer Enzyklopädie.

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