<![CDATA[Azarius News]]> http://azarius.de/news/ info@azarius.net <![CDATA[The new frontiers of weed: cannabis concentrates]]> http://azarius.de/news/864/The_new_frontiers_of_weed__cannabis_concentrates/ During the last years the marijuana industry has been flooded with new, interesting and potent ways of preparing, refining and extracting the plant's active alkaloids into substances that are taking the weed experience to a whole new level. We are talking about what commonly is referred to as hash oil or dabs. Although the techniques used today are part of a long chain of botanical experimentation which can be traced back to the pre-prohibition era, it is clear that the legalized, accessorized and lucrative weed industry of the United States has lately played a huge role in the possibility of conducting serious and safe laboratory research, leading to some impressive innovations in the industry. These innovations have made a major impact on the European market as well, as oils have become some of the most sought-after products in Dutch coffee shops. To continue to be on top of the scope and properties of these substances we continue to uncover and discover the different forms that these extracts take.

Firstly, by extract, we mean any cannabis oil that concentrates the plant's chemical compounds like THC and CBD. This extraction can be achieved through different techniques, but always maintaining the same principle, which is to separate the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant material. The result can be a substance that achieves a THC or CBD concentration of up to 80%, as opposed to the average of 15% of weed buds. So please, like always, take care and know your limits. To try to navigate this somewhat nerdy world we will make the first categorization, which is between solvent-based (the main ones used are butane, CO2, ethanol) and solvent-less concentrates. In this article, we will be talking about solvent-based concentrates, and in the near future we will be looking at solvent-less extracts.


Today's hype centers around solvent based extraction. With this technique, active alkaloids are separated from the plant using a solvent, most commonly butane (thus BHO, Butane Hash Oil) which enters into contact with plant material in an extraction tube. Because of butane's low temperature as a gas, it crystallizes the cannabinoids and takes them with it when it drips out of the tube. The resulting liquid is then heated in order to purge, solidify and shape the substance.

gold brown butane concentrate

Keep in mind that when we talk about these varieties, the techniques and quality of the solvent and thus of the final product can vary greatly. In the cooking phase, the solvent should be evaporated completely. However, if a low-quality butane gas is used, this usually means that there are possible traces of other substances that could not be purged. These residues not only produce a nasty taste in the final product but can also be unsafe and unhealthy. High-quality oils are referred to as full-melt because when heated on a rig or a vape they leave no residue or traces in the bowl. So, perhaps it goes without saying, but trust your dealer, and keep in mind that sometimes it's better to spend a few extra coins in order to get the best possible experience.

The substances that come out of a BHO extraction, usually are divided into two main categories (and many other subcategories), which are separated mostly by their looks and texture. These are shatter and wax.


Generally, shatter is considered the most refined and pure form of cannabis concentrate. It maintains a consistency similar to glass, a transparent, fragile, thin sheet, which explains the name. The transparency of this oil is achieved by avoiding to stir the cooking substance. However, let's remember that this is not a standardized industrial product, and like every recipe, each cook has slightly different ingredients, techniques, equipment. Consequently, there can be many small varieties in how the final product looks. It can be more liquid (“sap”), or more flexible (“pull-and-snap"), etc., but none of these differences imply a lesser quality, but rather are the result of small differences in heat, moisture, the properties of the original plant material etc.



The main difference between wax and shatter is the fact that wax is opaque and has a softer, creamier consistency. This density occurs because the molecules crystallize as a result of stirring the substance while it is in the cooking phase. Just as we saw in the transparent concentrates, there is a whole spectrum of slightly different consistencies that can effect this extract. The very creative cannabis community has obviously found names for all the varieties, which all describe the consistency of the final product: budder (like butter), honeycomb (like honeycomb), crumble (like...ok I won't insult your intelligence).

In the end...it's just the beginning

The cannabis world has been taken by storm in the last years, and these potent concentrates are one of its main battle horses. It is not by coincidence that now all the major Cannabis Cups around the world have opened a new category for these products, and there are those who swear by dabs and oils, having abandoned all raw forms of flower. Although this trend seems here to stay, we are hoping that this will be met by an increasing availability of tests to determine exactly what we are dabbing. These important steps are already being taken in the United States, where the most respectable dispensaries are now able to list all substances in their products. As the markets of legal marijuana sales are opening more and more, we sincerely hope that it will not only be for the profit made from this plant but also for its more safe and enjoyable use.

So inform yourself, find the right tools and enjoy and trust what you put into your beautiful body.

Author: Julia

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<![CDATA[Azarius presents: The High Inspired Collection]]> http://azarius.de/news/863/Azarius_presents__The_High_Inspired_Collection/ It is with pride that Azarius launches the High Inspired Collection. Amsterdam-based street artist Sjem Bakkus brings you the design on a bag and a set of t-shirts. He pulls you in with his psychedelic, funny and sometimes almost Esscher-like art. For this collection, he felt inspired by magic mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis).

Azarius High Inspired tote bag

The practical tote bag is made from recycled material and ideal for carrying groceries, festival goodies or freshly picked mushrooms. The t-shirts, available in black and light grey, are made from 100% biological cotton. A great allround shirt with a nice psychedelic twist to surprise your mushroom-loving friends.

The High Inspired Collection will be expanded with more artful clothing in the near future.

More of Sjem Bakkus can be found on his Instagram.

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<![CDATA[Mainstream Marijuana: 5 TV Shows Featuring Mary Jane]]> http://azarius.de/news/862/Mainstream_Marijuana__5_TV_Shows_Featuring_Mary_Jane/ For the many of us who like to smoke a little ‘indica on-da-couch,’ television shows featuring our beloved Mary Jane have only come to light in the last decade. In mainstream television, we hardly would ever see someone lighting up a bong while cigarettes and alcohol seldom caused much controversy. With the current legislation of recreational pot in parts of North America, television shows are starting to bring marijuana into mainstream culture. Here are a few examples that have been enjoyed by viewers:

Weeds televison show

1. Weeds, Showtime

As one of the first shows to hit mainstream television in America, Weeds follows a character named Nancy Botwin. After her husband’s unexpected death, she’s left with a debt she can’t possibly pay off. In order to make enough money and start supporting her family, she decides to grow and sell marijuana to people in her neighbourhood. Throughout this dark comedy, we discover the stories of her neighbours and how they secretly want what she’s selling. With an 8/10 rating on IMDB, its drama-like allure comes through Nancy’s learning of the marijuana business and how she begins spiraling into a world of illegal activities.

High Maintenance

2. High Maintenance, HBO

What first started as an underground web-series on Vimeo is now televised by one of the most popular networks there is today: HBO. Based in New York City, High Maintenance follows the life of a Brooklyn pot dealer (referred to as ‘the Guy’) who cycles around in his bike, delivering to clients with neuroses as diverse as the city itself. Proving to be one of today’s most highly-acclaimed online comedies, the witty series provides a glimpse into the hearts and minds of pot-smokers (from the unexpected and unusual to the predictable and mundane) and how they light things up.


3. Weediquette, Viceland

For those of you looking for a bit of reality in your cannabis television programming, Viceland’s documentary series, Weediquette, would be one to look out for. Hosted by Krishna Andavolu, the series documents his travels around the world where he meets a diverse group of people who integrate cannabis in their daily lives. It takes a look at children with cancer or veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder who rely on cannabis for their treatment. Given the ever-changing conversation around the legalization of marijuana in North America, Weediquette provides viewers with global insights on cannabis in an artistic and informative way. In the series, you also see Krishna going on a search for the rarest types of weed with Amsterdam’s “King of Cannabis,” Arjan Roskam (of Green House fame).


4. Workaholics, Comedy Central

Be warned, there’s more dark comedy on the table here. Workaholics follows the lives of three roommates who make fools of themselves by getting into the weirdest of situations. All three slackers don’t take their telemarketing jobs seriously whatsoever, constantly getting drunk and drugged up throughout each episode. Whether it’s Blake’s quest for his infamous bear coat, Adam singing about Catherine Zeta-Jones whilst high on mushrooms, or ‘the Ders’ Anders scheme to get with his Swedish pen-pal touring Hollywood, the boys always seem to wreak trouble wherever they go.

Hollands Hoop

5. Hollands Hoop, VARA

This Dutch drama and crime series revolves around protagonist Fokke Augustinus, a forensic psychiatrist who inherits a farm from his late father. Fokke takes his family up North to the farm, where he finds a huge marijuana plantation hidden between the cornfields. It doesn’t take long before he has taken over the business and dives deeper into the criminal activities that surround it. Soon his son finds out what Fokke is doing and an old client shows up on the farm, which magnifies the drama. But Hollands Hoop is more than just tension; all the trouble makes for a whole lot of funny scenes as well. Check out our encyclopedia article on Hollands Hoop for a longer take.

Although not all shows are available online for our financial-free viewing pleasure, here are some links to those that are:

1. High Maintenance

2. Weediquette

3. Hollands Hoop

Author: Sarah Picolet

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<![CDATA[Come to Cannabis Liberation Day Amsterdam!]]> http://azarius.de/news/861/Come_to_Cannabis_Liberation_Day_Amsterdam/ On Sunday June 11th it is time again for the festival in honour of our favourite plant: the ninth edition of Cannabis Liberation Day. Azarius will, of course, join again!

Every year we seem to get a little bit closer. The inevitable legalization of cannabis. In spite of worldwide progression, we haven’t reached our goal yet and that’s why the lovers of cannabis can meet each other again in Amsterdam at the Flevopark. As a statement, but also for fun, to share knowledge, listen to music and of course to smoke, or vape, weed.

The complete program can be found on the official website. The party starts at 14:00 and ends around 22:00. Speakers will be, among others, Rick Simpson, Doede de Jong and Micha Knodt. Music is provided by bands like The Dubbeez and DJ’s like United Sounds. This year Cannabis Liberation Day is again organized by the indefatigable V.O.C.

See (and smell) you on June 11th at the undoubtedly sun-drenched Flevopark!

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<![CDATA[What is the best painkiller: THC or CBD?]]> http://azarius.de/news/860/What_is_the_best_painkiller__THC_or_CBD/ Nature thinks about everything. For example, she gave us a medicine against pain in the form of a beautiful green plant with lush flower buds. Cannabis helps to combat all sorts of pain, especially chronic pain. The plant contains several active substances, known as cannabinoids, which provide this healing effect.

The two best known and most interesting cannabinoids are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). We know THC from the relaxed high that smoking of a solid joint gives you. At the same time, however, this substance has a narcotic and analgesic effect. CBD reduces (chronic) pain as well and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Different types of cannabis have different ratios of these active substances. Also, you can buy weed oil which contains only THC or CBD. It’s nice to have a choice, but which works best against pain? And what is the best choice in cannabis?

Where does it hurt?

To find an answer to that question, you can ask yourself where your complaints come from. Many people who use cannabis as an analgesic find sufficient relief in the use of standard cannabis with a high THC content. Others, however, swear by CBD-rich products. It's worth investigating what works best for you. This has to do with what type of pain you have and what receptors should be affected. THC seems to relieve pain in rheumatism, arthritis and fibromyalgia. CBD, on the other hand, mainly has an effect on cramps and spasms, for example when pain is caused by MS. Also, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and improves your immune system at different places in your body, such as your spleen.

Cooperating brothers

However, the most effective is the use of cannabis products in which both substances occur in large quantities. THC and CBD are a golden duo because the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol works optimally in combination with the non-psychoactive cannabidiol. CBD regulates the operation of THC and provides a clearer, brighter high. In addition, they also strike hands in the field of pain relief, because they both have their own way of fighting pain and strengthen each other.

It goes through the stomach

One more tip before lighting a rich-filled spliff: it’s best to take the cannabis orally, by means of an edible or hemp oil. Smoking burns cannabis and reduces the medical effect by changing the chemical structure of the active substances.

Author: Sara de Waal

Wed, 07 Jun 2017 00:00:00 +0200 http://azarius.de/news/860/What_is_the_best_painkiller__THC_or_CBD/
<![CDATA[Smoking in Rasta Village Shashamene, Ethiopia]]> http://azarius.de/news/858/Smoking_in_Rasta_Village_Shashamene_Ethiopia/ In 1948 Haile Selassie gave 200 acres of his land to members of the Rastafari movement. From all over the wold rasta’s came to build a new life, live together and the use of cannabis became tolerated. Of course, I travel to Shashamene on my trip through Ethiopia. To see the communities, learn from the people and smoke the holy plant.

Four big Rasta communities or ‘mansions’ are to be found in the settlement 250 kilometers from Addis Ababa. Twelve tribes of Israel (with Bob Marley as their famous member), Nyabingi, Nazarite and Bobo Shanti. There are also many organizations and schools linked to the international communities, like the Jamaican Rastafarian School. The city of Shashamene, however, is much bigger with almost 100.000 inhabitants and forms an important crossroad for road transport. This means a lot of asphalt, gas stations and huge smelly trucks passing by.


Fortunately, it is peaceful in the ‘rasta-area’. Little green paths lead you to the sheltered gardens of Jamaicans, Dominicans and other former inhabitants of the Caribbean. Most of them returned in the spirit of ‘repatriation’, the return of descendants of former slaves to the motherland Africa. The Americans and Europeans who have perched here (some bought the land for around 2000 euros) usually live here half of the year while the other half is spent in the West to work. According to CNN, the Rasta communities decreased from 2000 members in 2004 to 300 at present.


You don’t need too much to survive here, without asking your pockets will be bulging with marijuana and visiting the communities is on voluntary contribution. If you know how to find the local guesthouses, you pay no more then four euros a night for a clean room with bathroom.

hot springs Wondo Genet


Just after arriving I bump into a guy with long dreads and a huge smile. I decide to accompany him in his tuk-tuk to Wondo Genet, the mountain with a hot spring. According to Batjah, I have to bath myself in the spring to wash off Babylon and be reborn. The water is boiling hot and the spot in the jungle magical. Baboons curiously spy on us but except for some local people in a pool lower on the mountain, there is no one else. Out of practical reasons I wrap myself in a cloth after bathing and Batjah give an approving nod, "Tomorrow when we visit the Nyabingy you should wear this too, women are not allowed to wear trousers there."


After the mountain, we admire some new plants in the garden of the guard before we proceed our green cloud in the ‘palace’ of Ras Lumumba. The Somali towers above us and from under his army outfit enormous boots stick out. He fought for the Israeli army and literally everywhere in his garden the David-star is to be found. A genius design, also in the shape of the star gives room to an underground club with two floors where sound-systems can turn their tables. Everything is in the tricolor of green, yellow and red and Ras shows me a museum with his collection of books about Rastafari, Haile Selassie and weed. "Most of the books about the plants are from Amsterdam", Ras tells me proudly, "they really know everything about seeds and growing over there."

Bobo Shanti

Bobo Gobre in his garde Most hasslers gather in front of the Twelve Tribes-gate, so I decide to walk in the opposite direction. This makes me arrive at the church of Bobo Shanti where Bobo Gobre opens the gate for me. Again a very tall and slim person but Gobre is dressed in a spotless white cotton suit with a majestic turban under which he hides his dreads. With a soft voice, he welcomes me under a big tree in the garden, lights up a huge spliff and tells me about the faith of the Bobo’s. "We see Haile Selassie as God, initiator Edwards as Christ and Marcus Garvey as the prophet." "Feel free", Gobre tells me multiple times. Bobo Shanti is the smallest community but that doesn’t matter, I am entertaining myself perfectly in the little garden with this spiritual man.

Reggae & Dub

When evening falls speakers burst out reggae, like in the gardens of ‘Bolt’ and ‘America’ but there is also some places where you can just watch some soccer with reggae and dub in the background. ‘Lily of the Valley’ is the bar where the Amsterdam-based dub-community King Shiloh played last November. A rasta-grandpa holds the remote and snickering zaps to women's soccer. Now and then a huge rasta hat appears from one of the windows in the back. There is some busy cooking being done behind the little building that looks most like a football canteen. I have to pay sixty birr (2,50 euro) for four beers before we proceed our journey.


When we hit the streets the vibes are completely different. Due to the absence of streetlights, it is very dark and there are strange figures strolling around. Suddenly I am aware that there was a state of war here, only four months ago, with cars being set on fire and tribes fighting conflicts on the streets. Although the state-of-emergency is toned down, it is still in force, with a curfew and militaries on post everywhere. According to the enormous walls around the houses, this is not the safest place in Ethiopia, I haven’t seen walls like this anywhere else. This evening the tuk-tuk of my new friend is mugged and I hear stories about robberies and violence. I am very relieved when I close the gate of the little pension behind me. "You should never walk these streets alone", assures the guy of the guesthouse. And that gives a slightly strange feel, in the place where you are supposed to feel most free…

Text & photo's: Anki

Did this story make you crave some Jamaican or African weed? Make sure to browse our seedshop for strains like Jamaican Pearl (Sensi Seed). The most common cannabis strain in Ethiopia is Ethiopian Highland which sadly is pretty hard to find. The most popular African stain at the moment are the Durban Poison varities.

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<![CDATA[Easy does it: Top 5 Autoflowering seeds]]> http://azarius.de/news/859/Easy_does_it__Top_5_Autoflowering_seeds/ Growing your own cannabis used to be something of a hassle. Not so today. Thanks to dedicated growers cannabis seeds can be grown in different settings and climates. Arguably the biggest revolution has been the introduction of autoflowering seeds, which also are called automatic strains. You can read more about the history of autoflowering in in our encyclopedia. Basically, autoflowering plants are not dependent on light cycles to start the flowering process. You just germinate your seed, care for your plant and watch it grow until it starts to bloom, in general, earlier than regular seeds. Autoflowers have two (relative) disadvantages, the plants tend to be smaller, which also translates into a smaller yield. Every year we see more automatic variants of classic strains being introduced. For those Azarians curious about these easy-to-grow cannabis seeds we present our top 5 autoflowering seeds, and throughout the month of June you get a 20% discount on these five classics!

1) Big Bang Autoflowering (Green House)

The name Big Bang can be read in two ways. This autoflower by Green House explodes towards the flowering period and will produce some big yields for an automatic strain. And then there is the effect. Skunk and Northern Lights in the genetic mix basically says it all: be prepared for some deep relaxation. If you’re happy with the results you can immediately plant a new seed as Big Bang Auto grows the whole year round.

2) Automatic Mega Bud (GreenLabel)

Automatic Mega Bud by GreenLabel is another strain which immediately makes its intentions known. This is one of the automatic strains which with the right care will award you with plenty of buds. And they’ll taste good too, thanks to that classic citrus and earthy combination everybody loves. Also a good strain for some guerilla growing in the wild. Because the world can’t have enough cannabis plants.

3) Critical Kush Auto (Barney’s Farm)

Critical Kush Auto by Barney’s Farm is a typical example of the growing trend of creating automatic versions of popular strains. Kush derivatives have been enormously successful over the years, like Barney’s Farm own meeting of Critical Mass and OG Kush. They added Ruderalis to the mix creating a very fast growing version of this bestseller, which packs a punch, so have a couch in the vicinity if you smoke this one.

4) +Speed Autoflowering (Sweet Seeds)

Is time of the essence? We understand everybody wants a quick stash. Again the name leaves little to the imagination: you want speed, you’ll get it. The popular Critical Mass is crossed with Speed Devil #2 with a promise that the plant can be harvested 7 weeks after germination. We like to see that bettered! Thankfully, it does not taste like burning rubber, this is a nice eccentric mélange of sweet fruit and cheese which your taste buds will love.

5) AutoMazar (Dutch Passion)

Another automatic version of a classic, this time courtesy of Dutch Passion. Mazar is a complete cannabis strain, a true big yielder. The potential for making an autoflower with above average harvests was mined by Dutch Passion resulting in a typical plant of reduced stature but with plenty of nice sticky buds. It’s a strong plant that loves the big outdoors and the Southern sun makes AutoMazar extra happy, resulting in even bigger harvests.

Author: El Duque

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<![CDATA[Warum Du Azarius nicht mehr auf google.de finden kannst]]> http://azarius.de/news/857/Warum_Du_Azarius_nicht_mehr_auf_googlede_finden_kannst/ Alle Deutschen, die auf der Suche sind nach unseren wundervollen Produkten, können Azarius von nun an nicht mehr auf Google finden. Was ist passiert? Zuallererst, uns gibt es immer noch. Mit uns ist also nichts geschehen. Auch unser Webshop ist in Deutschland nicht blockiert. Jedoch lässt sich Azarius nicht mehr in den Suchergebnissen von Google Deutschland finden. Hierbei handelt es sich natürlich um Zensur, die uns schmerzt. Wir sind unseren deutschen Kunden eine genauere Erläuterung schuldig.

Wie kam es dazu?

Es begann mit einem Hinweis an den Jugendschutz in Paderborn, welcher die Organisation auf die Idee brachte, dass unsere Webseite Jugendliche anstiftet, Drogen zu konsumieren. Daraufhin hat der Jugendschutz dies an die Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien weitergeleitet. Dort wurde in einem kurzen Prozess beschlossen, dass die URL azarius.de zur Sektion C der Liste jugendgefährdender Medien hinzugefügt werden müsse. Was ist die Sektion C? Sie listet unter anderem Inhalte von Neo-Nazis, IS und selbst Kinderpornographie. Sigh.

Der Fall vom Jugendschutz kann wie folgt zusammengefasst werden: Azarius wird beschuldigt „psychisch aktive Substanzen als Drogen für Partys oder zur Konzentrationsförderung zu befürworten. Die Wirkung dieser Substanzen wird ohne transparente Bezeichnung der Inhaltsstoffe angepriesen. Dies ist ein Fall von Verherrlichung von Drogen.“


Wir von Azarius waren schon immer Verfechter ehrlicher und sachgerechter Darstellung von Informationen, was auch den Unterschied zwischen verantwortungsbewusstem und verantwortungslosem Gebrauch von Drogen ausmacht. Das soll jedoch in keinem Fall Jugendliche reizen oder verführen, Substanzen einzunehmen, die in den Niederlanden legal sind. Die 18+ Warnung, die beim Besuchen unserer Webseite erscheint, macht deutlich, dass wir uns nicht an Minderjährige richten. Azarius war natürlich bei der Anhörung anwesend und hat seine Position dargelegt. Leider vergeblich – zumindest fürs Erste.

Der Prozess ist noch lange nicht vorbei, da wir finden, dass das was wir tun und wofür wir stehen grob und fälschlich dargestellt wurde. Azarius besteht nun bereits seit geraumer Zeit. Es handelt sich um ein zertifiziertes Unternehmen mit einer grossen Anzahl an Mitarbeitern, die allen gesetzlichen Vorschriften folgen und Mitglied der Branchenvertretung VLOS ist, die aus mehr als 150 Geschäften in den Niederlanden besteht. Wir verkaufen KEINE Forschungschemikalien, sogenannte research chemicals, oder andere verbotene Substanzen. Als ehrliches Unternehmen fordern wir ein faires Verfahren, genauso wie erwachsene Menschen es verdienen, uns auf Google finden zu dürfen.

Wir benötigen deine Hilfe! Was kannst Du tun?

Selbstverständlich werden wir euch über die Entwicklungen in dieser Sache auf dem Laufenden halten. Dabei sind jegliche Hilfe, Anregungen und Vorschläge willkommen.

  • Teilt diesen Artikel auf sozialen Netzwerken.
  • Unterstützt die Nutzung von Suchmaschinen die Datenschutz respektieren und Zensur ablehnen. (startpage.com, DuckDuck Go).
  • Kennt ihr Mitarbeiter/Vertreter bei Google?
  • Empfehlt uns (speziell in Deutschland) Rechtsexperten und Anwälte mit Erfahrung auf diesem Gebiet.
  • Informiert andere Psychonauten, dass wir noch existieren.
  • Besucht unseren Webshop! Wir benötigen eure Unterstützung mehr denn je!
  • Zu guter Letzt: Vergesst nicht unsere Seite als Bookmark hinzuzufügen!


Willst Du mit unserem Offline-Store in Amsterdam Kontakt aufnehmen, hier geht es zur Seite.

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<![CDATA[Lion's mane: sharpen your mind]]> http://azarius.de/news/856/Lions_mane__sharpen_your_mind/ In the Dutch language, Lion's Mane is known under the jolly name 'wig mushroom', and indeed: it kind of looks like there are little Donald Trump wigs growing on trees in America, Europe and Asia. This mushroom is a much-loved ingredient in Chinese cuisine, because of its pleasant sweet taste. Of course, a tasty fungus is nice every now and then, but it’s not its culinary application that makes the lion's mane so special. The mushroom is mostly known as an ancient Chinese traditional medicine, which still has different applications today. In Asia, they say the lion's mane gives you 'nerve of steel and the memory of a lion'. Research has now revealed that this is indeed the case.

The mushroom that makes you smart

A special feature of the lion's mane is that it supports your cognitive ability. Your memory, your focus, as well as your creativity get a big boost from a cup of wiggy tea. Reportedly, Buddhist monks like to have some before dedicating themselves to some serious meditating. This way, they can concentrate optimally. The mushroom has this effect by forming the substance myelin around nerve fibers called axons. Axons play an important role in transmitting signals. The layer of myelin around the axons makes the signal transfer faster.

Lion's Mane on cut tree

The mushroom also causes beta-amyloid plaques to decrease. These plaques inhibit signal transmission and appear to play a role in diseases that affect the brain nerves, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. With more myelin and fewer plaques, your brain signals go faster, making you go faster! This has been shown by several studies in which elderly people with mild cognitive impairment were supplemented with lion's mane. After a few months, this group scored significantly higher on a cognitive test than the group who had been given a placebo the entire time.

New nerves

This is not the only gift that lion's mane has in store for your nervous system. It is –as far as known- the only mushroom that can restore nerves. Lion's mane does this by stimulating the production of the hormone Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). NGF plays an important role in maintaining and repairing different populations of nerve cells in the peripheral and central nervous system. Until recently, it was generally assumed that people don’t create new nerve cells after the first two years of their life, but there are now several studies that show that NGF can restart this process. As a result, previously damaged or extinct nerve tracts can grow back. In Japan, there is still a lot of research on this. The hope is that this unique feature will cause diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia and other neurological problems to disappear in the future.

Other health benefits

The most common application of lion's mane in traditional Chinese medicine is a medicine for gastrointestinal complaints. And rightly so, because there is sufficient evidence that the mushroom is indeed beneficial to the stomach. This is because this furry fungus has a large portion of polysaccharides: these are molecules that are proven to be significantly active ingredients against gastric ulcers. In addition, these polysaccharides are the superheroes of the immune system: they beat up a variety of bacteria, viruses and parasites. To make the party complete, this mushroom also seems to give you a good mood: a small study (among women over forty, so you may have to wait a while or change gender) shows that a dose of lion's mane results in less feelings of depression and anxiety.

Grab it by the manes

Ready to try this sharpening, smartening, stomach-soothing, salvaging, smile-inducing shroom? Rightly so. Order a handy elixir in our webshop.

Author: Sara de Waal

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<![CDATA[Dabben für Anfänger]]> http://azarius.de/news/855/Dabben_f_r_Anf_nger/ Konzentrate sind der neuen Massstab für Cannabisexperten, sowohl in Bezug auf die Forschung als auch auf den Konsum; Dabbung verkörpert definitiv einen der innovativsten und interessantesten Trends der vergangenen Jahre. Und nein, wir sprechen nicht von Dabbin’, dem Tanzstil, obwohl wir den auch cool finden, aber wir bleiben bei unseren Wurzeln: Cannabis…

Was ist ein Dab?

Mit dem Begriff Dabs meinen wir eine Substanz, die durch ihre ölige oder wachsartige Konsistenz mit einer hohen Konzentration an Cannabinoiden heraussticht. Dieses Konzentrat wird durch einen Extraktionsprozess des Pflanzenmaterials mit Lösungsmitteln wie Butan, Wasser oder Kohlendioxid gewonnen. In nachfolgenden Artikeln werden wir einen Blick auf den Unterschied zwischen diesen Extraktionsmethoden werfen.

Die Wirkung eines einzigen Zuges von einem Konzentrat gleicht ungefähr 5-10 Zügen derselben Menge Kraut. Und obwohl das gleiche Verhältnis auch auf den Preis zutrifft, muss man bedenken, dass die THC oder CBD Konzentration eines Öls bei 60-90% liegt. Die unterschiedliche Konzentration der Cannabinoide hängt von der angewandten Methode und den Eigenschaften der verwendeten Cannabissorte ab. Für Konzentrate mit hohem THC-Gehalt werden also eher THC-haltige Sorten verwendet und das selbe gilt für CBD. Das resultierende Produkt ist ein dichtes, dickflüssiges Öl, das auch Wachs, Shatter, Honigwabe, Crumble oder Butan Haschöl (BHO) genannt wird. Man darf aber nicht vergessen, dass es auch andere Konzentrate gibt, die jedoch nicht zum Dabben geeignet sind.

Was ist Dabben?

Es gibt zwei Arten einen Dab zu inhalieren. In den vergangenen Jahren hat der Vaporizer Markt eine Vielzahl von Geräten produziert, mit denen man Konzentrate verwenden kann. Diese Pen Vaporizer haben unterschiedliche Arten des Erhitzens, Inhalierungsmethoden, Grössen der Kammer und verwendete Materialien, die mit den Konzentraten in Verbindung kommen. Mit dem neuen Boundless 710 kann man beispielsweise riesige (also wirklich riiiiiiiieeesige) Dampfwolken inhalieren, indem das Heizelement direkt am Silikon- oder Glasbehälter angewendet wird. Eher traditionellere Dabbing Pens, wie der Dr. Dabber Aurora oder der Dabstorm 2.0 haben eine grosse Auswahl an Accessoires, um allen möglichen Arten von Konzentraten oder Vorzügen in Bezug auf die Inhalationsintensität gerecht zu werden. Der grösste Vorteil dieser Pen Vapes ist ihre Tragbarkeit, die genauere Temperaturkontrolle und die Abwesenheit von offenen Flammen.

Cheech & Chong Love Machine Öl-Rig

In letzter Zeit haben jedoch auch einige neue Produkte den Markt betreten, nämlich die Öl- oder Dab-Rigs (z.B. die Cheech & Chong Love Machine, siehe Abbildung). Diese funktionierten nach dem Prinzip einen Dab auf eine Metall-, Glas- oder Keramik-Spitze (Nail) zu geben, mit einem Brenner (Link), was dann an eine Wasserpfeife (Rig) angeschlossen wird. Um nicht den wertvollen Dampf zu verschwenden, wird empfohlen eine Glaskuppe (Dome) zu verwenden, die über den Nail gehalten wird, um den Dampf in die Rig-Kammer zu leiten. Obwohl diese Glasgeräte nicht sehr tragbar sind, bieten sie den besten Geschmack und die beste Qualität in Bezug auf die verwendeten Materialien. Der Dampf, der durch eine Glas-Wasserpfeife inhaliert wird, hat unbestritten das reinste Aroma. Nicht alle Anfänger fühlen sich jedoch wohl dabei mit einer offenen Flamme zu hantieren, vor allem, wenn man bedenkt, dass man immer mehr high wird.

Wie bewahrt man Dabs auf

Da es sich um sehr reine und potente Extrakte handelt (die üblicherweise sehr teuer sind), ist es eher unwahrscheinlich, dass man das ganze Material in einer Sitzung verbraucht (wobei YouTube uns zeigt wie es auch anders geht). Darum ist es notwendig sich über einen geeigneten Aufbewahrungsbehälter für diese wertvollen Konzentrate Gedanken zu machen. Silikonbehälter (wie die Red Eye Tek Dab Station) sind mit Abstand die zu empfehlendsten Behälter. Sie halten Hitze bis zu 300°C aus und bieten aufgrund der Flexibilität des Materials einen guten Verschluss für frischen und geruchslosen Schutz. Warte, haben wir vergessen zu erwähnen, dass Dabs nicht daran kleben bleiben?


Wie bei jeder Substanz, und speziell bei denen, die eine derart starke Wirkung haben, aber noch nicht reguliert sind, gibt es Probleme die berücksichtigt und debattiert werden müssen, und zu denen jeder seine eigene verantwortungsbewusste Entscheidung treffen sollte. Nicht? Richtig... Zuerst sollten wir die Qualität erwähnen: Wenn die Extraktion mit Butangas (im Fall von BHOs) von niedriger Qualität durchgeführt wird, ist es mehr als wahrscheinlich, dass gewisse zurückbleibende Lösungsmittel oder verunreinigende Substanzen auch im Endprodukt vorkommen. Leider gibt es keinen Weg, um die Qualität eines Dabs zu bestimmen ohne einen Labortest, der die Reinheit und den Cannabinoid-Gehalt des Extrakts zeigen kann. Ausserdem wollen wir die eventuellen Dabber daran erinnern, dass eine hohe Konzentration an Cannabinoiden, wie THC, nicht unbedingt etwas ist, das für jeden geeignet ist.
Wie unser kleines Mutter-Alter-Ego bei jeder neuen Substanz empfiehlt, sollte man klein beginnen und seine Grenzen kennen!
In den nächsten Wochen werden wir uns diesem Thema tiefergehender widmen, falls Du also Anmerkungen, Bedenken oder Vorschläge hast, nimm bitte in den Kommentaren Kontakt mit uns auf. Wir werden versuchen alle (angemessenen) Fragen zu behandeln.

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