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Chocolato (Amsterdam Genetics) feminized

Chocolato (Amsterdam Genetics) feminized

19709 Amsterdam Genetics

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Chocolato is one of the sweetest temptations by Amsterdam Genetics.

Chocolato (Amsterdam Genetics) characteristics

No surprise, since this hybrid strain comes from the famous White Choco and Gelato put together. Bring bay area California to where ever you are, with this sweet and creamy vanilla Chocolato scent. Not for the faint of heart, for her dark purple buds, with golden hairs and covered in resin, which give THC levels of at least 17.5 percent. As for the stronghearted: our Chocolato comes with a strong euphoric high. Not too relaxing, thanks to that 40/60 balance, so you can stay creative and productive throughout your day.

Chocolato is a feminized strain, which will produce feminized plants. This hybrid has a 60% Indica/40% Sativa ratio and a relatively short growing period. She has a fast flowering period of 8-9 weeks – with the most efficient time ratio vs yield of phenotypes between 9 and 10 weeks, and produces roughly 400–500g per m². Indoor Chocolato remains small but robust, expect plants between 50 and a 100 cm. Plants grown from seeds have strong lateral and upward branches with very little space between buds. Resulting in thick main buds and branches filled with large, dense buds, that – after drying – will keep their weight. Under considerably good climate this strain can be expected to do well outdoors, expect plants up to 200 cm. Producing 300-400 g per plant from this in mid-October.

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Blüte: Mittel
Pflanzenhöhe: Mittel
Geschmack / Geruch: sweet, fruity, vanilla
Genetik: White Choco x Gelato
Wirkung: longlasting creative high
Seed bank: Amsterdam Genetics
Durchschnittlicher THC-Gehalt: 24
Durchschnittliche Höhe: 120
Average indoor yield: 450
Blütezeit Indoor: 60
Zusammenstellung: 40% Sativa, 60% Indica
Anzahl Samen: 3, 5
THC-Gehalt: Hoch
CBN: 0.07
CBD-Gehalt: Mittel
Outdoor harvest: Mid October
Aufzuchtschwierigkeit: Mittel
Indica/Sativa: Indica-dominant
Samenart: Feminisiert
Geeignete Umgebung: Drinnen/Draußen
CBD: 1.59