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Haze Berry Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

Haze Berry Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

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Haze Berry Automatic is the sativa-dominant successor to the legendary Haze Berry. Our skilful breeders crossed this energising beauty with a premium ruderalis strain to endow her with autoflowering abilities. Haze Berry is a familiar name throughout the worldwide cannabis community. The variety descends from Afghani genetics and was brought to life in the cannabis mecca of California. She’s recognised for her intense terpene profile and stimulating high. By crossing this strain with an auto, our breeders made her much easier to grow and faster to finish.

Haze Berry Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) characteristics

Haze Berry Automatic inherited Haze Berry (Blue Dream’s) characteristic high. The sativa-dominant effects ramp up central nervous system activity and engage the mind. However, her flowers only contain a THC content of 13%. While this might seem comparatively low, it’s absolutely ideal for many smokers. The psychoactive effects are subtle and easy to manage, but still present. This makes it a great strain to use intermittently throughout the day. Haze Berry Automatic can be smoked in-between tasks or during a work break to produce a similar effect as a cup of coffee. It provides light stimulation and refreshes the mind for a more creative outlook.

Haze Berry Automatic also features a similar terpene profile to Haze Berry. Her dense and nugget-like buds emit a pungent scent of fruit and sweetness. Fruity flavours are also apparent when smoking or vaping, and go down well when baking psychoactive treats.

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Blüte: Mittel
Durchschnittliche Höhe: 110
Genetik: Haze Berry x Blueberry Auto
Wirkung: Extremely high, long-lasting, body relaxing
Zusammenstellung: Sativa 65% Indica 30% Rudelaris 5%
Average outdoor yield: 125
Seed bank: Royal Queen Seeds
Average indoor yield: 375
Samenart: Autoflowering
Durchschnittlicher THC-Gehalt: 13
Blütezeit Indoor: 60
Indica/Sativa: Sativa-dominant
Pflanzenhöhe: Mittel
Aufzuchtschwierigkeit: Einfach
CBD-Gehalt: Niedrig
THC-Gehalt: Mittel
Sorte: Haze
Anzahl Samen: 3, 5
Geeignete Umgebung: Drinnen/Draußen
Geschmack / Geruch: blueberry, sweet