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Purple Queen Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

Purple Queen Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

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Purple Queen Automatic is more than just a pretty face. The soothing strain reaches deep into both the psyche and bodily tissues to relieve tension and stress. Our breeders created this purple beauty by shrewdly selecting parent strains Purple Auto—for her gorgeous appearance—and Critical Auto, for her indica-dominant genetic profile. As a result, Purple Queen Automatic is heavily indica-dominant (80%) and poised to rock your world with relaxation.

Purple Queen Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) characteristics

Are you looking for a way to decrease stress? Look no further. We all experience stress, whether from work or family life. The solution is often a few deep breaths and a nice warm bath. A joint or bowl of Purple Queen Automatic will help you take your relaxation regime one step further. The high releases muscular tension while slowing down erratic thoughts and decreasing anxiety. You’ll also feel a wave of euphoria begin to set in with each successive hit. Your favourite songs will sound enhanced, and you’ll feel a smile creep across your face.

Purple Queen Automatic’s terpene profile enhances the smoking experience greatly. Her exotic and diverse scents and flavours will ground you into the present moment. Her purple flowers emit aromas of skunk, fruit, and citrus. Every hit delivers contrasting flavours of sweetness, bitterness, and spice.

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Anzahl Samen: 3, 5
Blütezeit Indoor: 45
Wirkung: Relaxing and full of flavour
Zusammenstellung: Sativa 15% Indica 80% Ruderalis 5%
Geschmack / Geruch: earthy, citrus
Durchschnittliche Höhe: 115
Average outdoor yield: 125
Seed bank: Royal Queen Seeds
Average indoor yield: 375
Durchschnittlicher THC-Gehalt: 16
Geeignete Umgebung: Drinnen/Draußen
Samenart: Autoflowering
Pflanzenhöhe: Mittel
Aufzuchtschwierigkeit: Einfach
CBD-Gehalt: Niedrig
THC-Gehalt: Mittel
Blüte: Kurz
Indica/Sativa: Indica-dominant
Genetik: Purple Queen x Critical Auto