Royal Cookies Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Royal Cookies Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

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As a true dessert cannabis strain, Royal Cookies Automatic is a perfect after dinner smoke for the connoisseur.

Royal Cookies Automatic (Royal Queens Seeds) characteristics

Outdoors in a hot climate, even during a short summer, amazing crops can be cultivated. The ability to bloom independently of hours of sunlight means you can harvest multiple batches of cookies from spring to autumn.

Buds are tight and covered in resin. The signature biscuit aroma and subtle minty aftertaste of the original cookies “recipe” are both retained. Most importantly, the couch-locking physical effect will hit you fast and last for hours. At 18% THC and with minimal CBD, Royal Cookies Automatic is not just potent for an autoflowering strain; these cookies are deliciously dank, period.

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Anzahl Samen: 3, 5
Blütezeit Indoor: 42
Zusammenstellung: Sativa 20% Indica 60% Ruderalis 20%
Average outdoor yield: 155
Average indoor yield: 390
Wirkung: Relaxed, euphoric
Seed bank: Royal Queen Seeds
Samenart: Autoflowering
Geschmack / Geruch: Earthy, sweet
Durchschnittliche Höhe: 100
Geeignete Umgebung: Drinnen/Draußen
Durchschnittlicher THC-Gehalt: 18
Pflanzenhöhe: Mittel
CBD-Gehalt: Niedrig
THC-Gehalt: Mittel
Blüte: Kurz
Indica/Sativa: Indica-dominant
Genetik: Girl Scout Cookies x Ruderalis (auto thunderfuck bx2)