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The HydraBase Bomb Edition by VapeXhale is a second generation HydraFoot that increases the functionality and modularity of your Cloud EVO vaporizer. This impressive HydraBase features an awesome percolator that resembles a crystal grenade. It looks cool but also provides the least amount of restriction and a superior flow. The advanced percolation system forces aromas through water in the form of many small pockets of air that bounce against the walls of the glass which translates into superior filtration and unique hits.

Handmade artisanal glass. Slight variations are possible so your HydraBase will be unique.

Important: the Cloud Evo can be hooked up directly to the HydraBase Bomb Edition in an upside-down position. In an upright position the use of the VapeXhale adapter kit is required. The HydraBase needs to be combined with a VapeXhale Turbine, Honeycomb or HydraTube.

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